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The Beginning of Thursdays at The Office

Last week marked the first night of the Thursdays at The Office event and it started out with a bang! Thursday at The Office is a weekly event held in the Music Industry Management office that is open to all Ferris and Gallup students. This event gives students the opportunity to share their skills and talents by performing on the stage in the MIM office. Students who perform get to share their music with other local students who come to watch and enjoy a live performance in a small, relaxed, and intimate setting. The goal of this event is to help local artists develop their talents and provide a safe setting for students to come and relax and to bring students together through music.

Brenden Long, Ashlee Jones, and Nick Graham have been working on getting Thursdays at The Office together since the beginning of the semester and they are all very pleased with the way the first night turned out. Last Thursday was the first night of the event and there was a great turnout for performers and people in the audience. There were five different performances from students and all of the performers were professional and prepared appropriate sets for the scene. The artists performed a wide range of genres and that made for an even more interesting show. The audience was also very engaged and respectful with the acts and even sang along with songs that they knew.


The feedback from Brenden and Ashlee about the turn out from the first week of Thursdays at The Office was great. They both were blown away with how smoothly it went and how great of a turnout there was in attendance and with how positively the audience reacted. There were not any problems with the first round of the event and both Brenden and Ashlee are expecting the show to continue to grow in the weeks to come.  

One of the students that performed explained about how he really enjoyed the event and how he thought it was a really interesting experience and how it was awesome to see everyone gathered together to relax and enjoy music with other fellow students.