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Likemelikeyou Shares Debut Single "Jungle Gym"

2017 Independent Showcase night three performer likemelikeyou released single "Jungle Gym" yesterday February 13.

likemelikeyou is the new project of Greyson Bos- former vocalist of Grand Rapids pop rock band American Wi-Fi. likemelikeyou features Bos as the main songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, as well as bassist Kohlby Blake and drummer Charlie Hall.

The Grand Rapids trio plan to release their debut album The Dream later this year. Lead single "Jungle Gym" is a catchy electronic pop song with personal and honest lyrics delivered from Bos. The line, "I went out drinking to try to prevent myself from thinking so much about the things that have been concerning me," will hit home hard for many college students. Check out the official "Jungle Gym" lyric and music video below:

Independent Showcase closes out Thursday February 23 with likemelikeyou's first show ever as a group. Tickets will be $3 for students and $5 for non-students and can be purchased at the door. Stay tuned for an upcoming interview with likemelikeyou frontman Greyson Bos.