Our Mission

"Our mission is to assist in identifying and developing the skills of our members within a professional environment in order to better prepare them for lifelong careers in the music and entertainment industry."

Artists brought to campus by MIMA


Q. What do we do?

     A. Music and Entertainment Business Association is a registered student organization for Music and Entertainment Business students only. We are responsible for putting on shows, bringing acts to campus, partnering with other RSO’s, and sharing our love for music with others.


Q. How often do we put on shows?

     A. We try to put on a show every couple of months.


Q. What are some of the acts brought to Ferris?

     A. Some of our more prominent acts include Train, Hot Chelle Rae, and Relient K. Our most recent acts include The Accidentals, The Appleseed Collective, An Dro, and Lance Carpenter. To view all of the acts we have brought to campus, please visit the timeline located above. 


Q. Do we have an on-campus record label?

     A. Currently, we do not have a functioning record label on campus.


Q. Do we have an on-campus recording studio?

     A. Yes, we do have a recording studio located in the Music Industry Management offices.


Q. How involved are we with the campus?

     A. We pride ourselves in being involved in both the community and the campus. Just this semester, we have participated in the College of Business Annual Bowling Tournament, The Fashion Alliance Halloween Show, and the Crop Walk.  


Q. How can I sponsor MEBA?

     A. Please contact Paul Kwant.


Q. How can I connect with MEBA on social media?

     A. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also add "fsu_mima" on Snapchat. 


Q. How can I connect with MEBA as another Ferris RSO?

     A. Please contact either Paul Kwant, or any of our E-board members.


Q. What does it take to be in MEBA?

     A. You must be a current student in the Music and Entertainment Business program.

To learn more about the Music and Entertainment Business program offered at Ferris State University, please click here.